Electric Vehicles and Associated Technologies

Picture of Ze car and Zevan electric vehicles

We have designed and built of range of zero emission  electric cars and electric vans in the UK, following a low environmental impact philosophy. If you would like to see one of our vehicles, please visit the National Museum of Wales who have our first prototype (the red car).

We now primarily provide project and management consultancy in the reseach, development, testing, proving and marketing of new tech, hardware, software, IT, UI/UX, and services providing positive, clean, end to end customer journeys. We engage with world-leading academic institutions, like Cranfield, and the Alternative Vehicle Research Centre in the University of Glamorgan, funding bodies like Innovate UK, net zero carbon leading councils like the City of Oxford, and Community Interest Companies like Electric Corby, all to facilitate the successful development and adoption of net zero carbon innovation.

So, even if we do not manage to get our last mile delivery van or small car into production, we still work hard pioneering on net zero carbon tech. Please get in touch if you feel we can work together...
picture of Zevan&reg

Versatile Electric Vans

picture of Zecar&reg driving

Five door Electric Cars