Zecar® and Zevan® Carbon footprint

A few reasons why Electric makes sense

  • Electric vans and cars emit no fumes
  • They use no power when stationary, unlike idling fuel engines.
  • Electric vehicles use energy more efficiently than petrol. 70% of energy is used for movement compared to only 30% for combustion engines where the rest is lost in heat.
  • ZeVan® and ZeCar® - Low impact production

    ZeCar® and ZeVan® aren't just good because they're electric. Low environmental impact from well to wheel is at the heart of our design and production philosophy.

    We've cut emissions at development stage by using existing proven technology where-ever possible.

    Our production is low impact because complexity has been designed out. This also makes low volume production, close to market possible.

    We're reducing transportation by manufacturing in the UK for our UK customers.

    Our cars are energy efficient because they are light. Lighter than equivalent sized petrol or even equivalent sized electric cars.

    As a result our vehicles emit half as much CO2 as the best petrol and diesel vehicles over their lifetime. This calculation even assumes the electric power for your car is sourced from a fossil fuel energy supply.

    C02 benefits of ZeCar® and ZeVan® toxic releases comparisons


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