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    The Story so far

    2010-2020: Further developments
    Since 2010, we have been developing different drive-trains and different configurations, including left-hand and central drive positions, front and rear drive-trains, direct to wheel motors, battery combiniations, long-wheel base options, taxi variant with wheel-chair access, sliding doors, and different styline approaches. Please contact us for more details. We have also beeen involved in a number of other research and development projects.

December 2009: First lithium ZeVan delivered
Just in time for Christmas, we delivered our first ever lithium-powered van, destined for an eco-farm in Scotland. Here, it is being prepared and polished in London.
      Lithium ZeVan

        3rd July 2009: First ZeCar customer car delivered!
        Today we delivered our first customer car to Acton Scott. The next day, we took this brand new ZeCar to show it off at the local green festival in Church Stretton.
        Acton ZeCar Acton ZeCar