Electric Vehicle Innovators

Stevens Vehicles zero emission electric vehicles

Stevens Vehicles have been developed and produced by Father and Son team, Tony and Peter Stevens.

Professor Tony Stevens

As chief designer for the Rootes Group Tony was responsible for the Hillman Hunter which sold two million vehicles across the world. Tony's work on ZeVan� and ZeCar� stem from his 'GVT' (Global Village Transport) concept for low cost vehicles for customers in developing nations. See a few of Tony's designs over the years

Peter Stevens MBA

Peter, Tony's son, spotted that the discipline involved in designing for maximum efficiency made the GVT concept ideal for the fast expanding electric car niche here in the UK. Peter converted the GVT into a range of pure electric vehicles, and set up Stevens Vehicles Ltd to take ZeCar® and ZeVan® into commercial production in the UK for the UK. Peter also consults.


Stevens Vehicles wouldn't have been possible without tremendous support and encouragement from investors, suppliers, supporters and family who share our vision for local, low environmental impact cars. We're also proud to have been backed by the Welsh Development agency.
picture of Tony Stevens

Tony Stevens, responsible for overall design

picture Peter Stevens

Peter Stevens, making ZeCar and ZeVan electric

Team Stevens

Team Stevens outside ECM2

Our factory

Inside our factory